Straight Wharf Restaurant



freshly squeezed orange juice

garden mint iced tea

french press coffee


today’s inspired pastries

iced grey lady oysters, meyer lemon mignonette 

summer fruits with lime, mint, verbena

toasted cashew, pistachio & walnut  granola parfait, greek yogurt, fresh fruit

huevos rancheros, scrambled eggs, yellow eyed beans, salsa, grilled tortilla

with steak

swr eggs benedict, griddled capicola, poached eggs, béarnaise, sweet portuguese

spiced tomato sugo, poached eggs, chickpeas, roasted peppers & onions,

sesame-za’atar flatbread

‘waffled’ french toast, verbena milk jam

buttermilk pancakes, always with Vermont maple syrup

add berries


homemade chicken breakfast sausage

toasted Something Natural herb bread

asparagus bearnaise, lemony bread crumbs

new potatoes fried with garlic, onion, & herbs

applewood smoked bacon

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